Single Barrel Select


The Process

Visit the Distillery

After you select from our list of award-winning brands, you can choose to visit the Buffalo Trace distillery where your barrel is expertly aging. You will get a personally guided tour of our historic Franklin County, Kentucky distillery and see where your barrel began its journey. If you’re unable to visit us, you can elect to receive samples from which to taste and choose, or our Master Distiller will personally select a barrel for you.

Select Bottle Sizes

Once the barrel that perfectly suits your distinct palate is chosen, you can select from an array of sizes. The number of bottles that can be produced from a single barrel depends on the age of your barrel, and the location in the warehouse where it is aging, but on average, you can expect between 180-240 bottles.

Customize Your Bottles

Each of the bottles from your selected barrel will be labeled with a customized medallion containing either a personalized message or a business logo. Additionally, the actual barrel you selected can be stenciled with the brand logo and shipped with your order to use for display or as a keepsake to commemorate your exclusive distillery experience.

How long is the process? How much will it cost?

The process takes approximately eight weeks from the time you finalize your selection, to when your bottles and empty barrel arrive at the retail store. The cost for a barrel ranges between $4,000 and $15,000 depending on the number of bottles your barrel yields, and the price negotiated locally by the distributor and retailer.